Exclusive interview with Bruce Dell from Euclideon

Bruce Dell is the brain behind Euclideon, the Australian start-up that has been in and out of the news for many years now with updates on their Unlimited Detail technology, a technology which uses a point search algorithm to produce stunning computer graphics at a fraction of the system resource cost of the current polygon system that is hegemonic to computing worldwide. It’s revolutionary stuff, although critics say it’s only potentially revolutionary and really harsh critics even say it’s a hoax! Most recently, the company released a video titled Euclideon SOLIDSCAN – Capture Reality. The video shows footage of the real world scanned using their SOLIDSCAN technology and then reproduced. It’s enticing to think what game developers, building construction and other industries can do with this technology. But not everyone’s convinced and there is a pattern to the questions and comments being posted on YouTube, social media and forums. So, Bruce Dell has kindly agreed to answer some of those common questions …


Johnny Gatt: Hi Bruce thanks for joining us. Can you tell us a bit about Euclideon?

Bruce Dell: Sure, thanks for having me, Euclideon is an Australian company that is trying to rebuild every part of 3D graphics in a better way. Most graphics we use in the world today are made of polygons, which are like little flat pieces of cardboard. This system is very limited and it’s not very good at doing certain tasks. We are making 3D graphics out of little xyz atoms instead, this allows us to make graphics that are much better and a lot more like the real world.


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Euclideon Makes World’s Most Realistic Graphic

EuclideonCan you imagine games that have lifelike, real time graphics ? This new video from #Euclideon gives a teaser that maybe it’s closer than you think.

Three years ago I got to see this technology first hand when Euclideon released a video showing off an island created using scans of trees, rocks trees, leaves, etc. I personally got the opportunity to fly around this amazing 3D island that was running with next to no memory or CPU usage. That was 3 years ago and now Euclideon has proven themselves in the geo space industry with several contracts, mapping all sorts of stuff. See the video on Geoverse for more information on that.

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Entity back online! In World of Warcraft!

We are all getting ready for the new WoW expansion Warlords of Draenor so come on back and Join Entity!

Entity is an old guild that has just started rebuilding! We are looking for Active members to help fill the ranks and start to run raids and help others.

Guild Site at www.gamingface.com Entity is part of the Gamingface network by gamers for gamers


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Windows Phone 8.1 a fun Star Wars Fan

Playing with Cortana  over the last week has been a blast and A lot of people have posted lots of cool comments from her, last night I found a new lot of comebacks from Cortana :

Yes She is A Star Wars Fan!


She is not scared of Darth Vader!

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tesoFrom Jessica Folsom Community Manager The Elder Scrolls Online

Today, we made our first major strike against those who choose to cheat in ESO, permanently banning thousands. This is only the beginning of our ongoing efforts to keep the game free from botters, speed hackers, and gold spammers. We want to thank everyone who has sent in-game reports about these individuals in ESO—your reports helped us identify many of the accounts we banned today. Please continue to report any botters, gold spammers, and speed hackers you see in-game, and we’ll continue our efforts to keep them out of Tamriel.

All I can say is Die Cheater DIE!  :P

Freedom Fall – A Great Game and Story of Game Development

Do you have a game idea buzzing around in your head? This story, told by way of interview, is inspiration for any aspiring game developer, that if you can pitch your great idea well enough your game can attract the attention of an innovative team to get it built, marketed, sold and loved. This is the story of Freedom Fall, as told by Lisa Rye — Creative Director, Art, Story, and Level Designer.

If you’re not familiar with the game, take a look at this trailer video:

How long did the game development take for Freedom Fall?
I started the first prototype for Freedom Fall back in February 2011. At that time, I was using a game-maker style program called Construct, and didn’t have much hope of finishing it on my own. I showed the prototype at a game pitch event, where it caught the interest of Stirfire Studios! From there we rebuilt Freedom Fall from scratch, finishing it mid 2013.

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I want your name beatch!

swtorlogoWith all the character transfers to and from different servers over the last year in Star Wars The old Republic, most of us, myself included, have lost our original names. I remember waiting frantically on the day of launch to hit that create button to ensure that I got the character names that I wanted. Then when they moved us to Australian servers I managed to save those same names. Unfortunately they closed they servers, like they did lots of others, and when I transferred back to my original server my name was already taken up by some alt that never logs in … ever! And it was not just one name that I wanted to use, seven of my eight name choices were already in use! The only level 55 that I didn’t have to re-name was Methos. He was safely at home on the Harbinger the whole time, and being one of my first characters, and on that server, he was able to keep it. I’ve added all of my names to friends lists to see if anybody else is using them and I never see them log in on Sith or Republic side.

Coming in November, Bioware are releasing all the held names by accounts that are not subscribed. If your character is not in use and you are not a subscriber there is a chance that you will lose your name. To be honest, if you’re not playing and haven’t played for months then I see no reason why you level one alt should be holding a name you may never use. I guess I will be using my Cartel coins over the next few months to change my names back to what they were when I first started playing once this clean out happens.

Aircraft lovers dream job

When you’re playing a flight sim the background noise of the plane engines may be something you take for granted. You won’t any more once you’ve seen this video of how much trouble Wargaming has gone to in order to capture the sound of real planes for World of Warplanes.

 World of Warplanes is a free online game:

World of Warplanes is an action MMO game dedicated to the golden era of military aviation. The new project will continue the “war saga” launched by its predecessor, the legendary World of Tanks, and will open up the skies for those wishing to dominate the air. 

Start fantasising now about the look of your Elder Scrolls Online character

Fat, thin, buff. Blonde, bald, scaly. Tatooed or clean. Big hands, small hands. Wide or sleek. Male or female. What will your Elder Scrolls Online character look like? Start the process of imagining by looking at this new character optimization sneak peak video from Bethesda.

Beta sign-up for the game, to be released in 2014, is currently open.

Kickstarter funds an ambitious sports RPG/multiplayer/character based game

Lacrosse is a game that has its origins in Native American culture. LACROSSE 14 by Big Ant Studios is developing a game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC that has in-depth character development and allows players to experience the history of the Lacrosse game across time.

This game has clearly been developed by a team who have a genuine love for the game – the moves and gameplay options seem to be very impressive. Check this out, from their Kickstarter campaign page:

• High Scoring: Say goodbye to that “I can’t score” feeling of standard sports video games. Lacrosse averages 20+ goals per game. Get ready to sting corners!

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