Interview with BioWare on the introduction of the Cathar player race with patch 2.1 in SWTOR

Patch 2.1 cusatomizations is just around the corner and BioWare were kind enough to invite GamingFace to a late night meeting in which they divulged top secret information about the new features that will be available to players with the patch. Today the NDa has been lifted on the first juicy bit of information that we’ve all been dying to find out about – the new player race, Cathar.

Republic players were introduced to the Cathar race early on in their class missions on both Tython and Ord Mantell. Imperial players may have come across the Cathar race on Balmorra. One of the Bounty Hunter’s opponents early on in the piece is a Cathar. This cat-like race is a common sight in MMOs. People seem to have a weird fascination with the cat-look.

The other way that SWTOR gamers may have come across the Cathar race is with the Trooper companion, Aric Jorgan. This Cathar companion will be getting a full facelift with patch 2.1 and GamingFace will be doing a complete “Many Looks Of’ post with all the options as soon as possible, so that you can see all of the available customizations.

Cory Butler from BioWare answers 7 questions below about the Cathar race and what it offers players in SWTOR.

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1) So, you’ve told us that 2.1 customizations will grant players access to the Cathar species. How much will Cathar cost players and will there be a price difference between subscribers and non-subscribers?

We currently have the Cathar Species unlock priced at 600 Cartel Coins for the entire account. This price will be the same for both Subscribers and Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players.

3) SWTORFace spends a lot of time on companion customizations. What can you tell us about the companion customizations for Aric Jorgan? Is it simply a model update or will he receive a new range of customization options? 

Aric’s facial features for each of his customization options were updated to match the appearance of the Player Cathar species. Now that he is aligned with the new Cathar appearance, we will be able to provide new customization options for him in the future.

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4) With all the species available in the Star Wars universe, like Tandoshans and Wookies, why did BioWare chose to release the Cathar species as opposed to one of the species from the original Star Wars Universe?

One of the reasons we chose Cathar is because they are new and unfamiliar to many of our players – in much the same way as Rattataki and Chiss – but have been well-received by our players. There were many community requests for the Cathar to be playable. We haven’t introduced playable species such as Wookie and Trandoshan because of their inability to speak Galactic Basic. Early in our development, we experimented with playable alien species that could not speak Basic and… well, let’s just say you can only listen to so much alien VO in cinematics before you want to re-roll.

5) How will the Cathar species fit into the storylines? Are there any added missions or theme parks associated with the influx of Cathar heros to the SWTOR universe?

Cathar are a species that players have interacted with throughout Star Wars: The Old Republic already. We don’t currently have plans for additional missions specific to the Cathar species, in the same way that none of our player classes have specific racial content. That’s not to say this can’t change in the future, but it is not part of Game Update 2.1: Customization.

6) With Cathar being a cat like race, have BioWare included a variety of cat-like looks that will be familiar to people (burmese, tortoise shell, tabby, tiger, leopard, etc) or will we see totally news looking cat skins?

The Cathar are a proud species that have their own unique markings. While some of these markings may resemble certain terrestrial species of felines, this is most assuredly a coincidence!  The Cathar have a wide variety of markings and colors available; some may appear more familiar to players than others.

7) How many different skin options will be available for players when designing their character and will Sith and Republic have different options or the same options?

There are currently 11 Patterns and 10 Fur Colors available for the Cathar. Both factions will have access to all customization options for the Cathar; unlike other species such as the Zabrak, there is no cultural split of the species across Factions.

8) Apart from appearance, will Cathars bring any unique features such as emots?

Cathar characters will come with their own Social Ability “Pride of the Cathar”.


9) For players who don’t want to start another toon, you’ve mentioned the race change will be available, allowing people to change their current human or Sith Warrior into a Cathar. Is this an additional fee or will it be included in the Cathar unlock purchase? If it’s a separate fee, what is the cost?

Changing Species in the Appearance Designer will always incur a charge. The charge to change your species (whether from Human to Zabrak or from Sith to Cathar) is always the same and is independent of the cost to unlock the Cathar Species itself. Note that once the Cathar Species is unlocked, it is available for your account and will not have be to unlocked again. The cost to change your Species is 800 CC for Subscribers.







Cathar Preview Video


I am a massive Star Wars fan and even have the Rebel logo tattooed on my right arm and even have two children named after influential female Star Wars characters from the expanded universe! Over the last few years I have played several different MMOs trying to fill the void that was created by my first experience with a Star Wars MMO world in Sony’s Star Wars Galaxies. I was told about SWTOR 2003 at E3 by a Lucasfilm representative who had intervened in a conversation about the issues that Sony was having with the Star Wars franchise. So to say that I had been waiting for STWOR for a while is an understatement! Playing SWTOR and Elite Dangerous most of the time with the odd FPS to mix it up.

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  1. great.. just great.. can you let them know we need the bolster bug fixes for the last month since it makes PVP exploitable? ANYthing would work. :(((((

    1. You will see SWTORFACE and GamingFACE have the same logo and content and it is I who run both. I am moving all SWTORFACE content here so I can talk about more than just SWTOR and I don’t have time to run 2 sites any more. thanks for sticking up for my other site 😛

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