Pre-order Star Wars Battlefront and get The Planet Of JAKKU DLC Free!

The trailer is Amazing I am looking forward to this game almost as much and Star Wars VII.


Feel the ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping towards your location as Rebel forces fire blasters at Imperial speeder bikes zipping by. Look up to see an intense dogfight between X-wings and TIE fighters filling the sky above you. Get ready to immerse yourself in epic Star Wars™ battle fantasies when Star Wars™ Battlefront™ releases on November 17 in North America and starting November 19 in Europe for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Origin for PC.

Fight for the Rebellion or Empire in a wide variety of multiplayer matches for up to 40 players, or in exciting challenges inspired by the films available solo, split-screen or through online co-op. Star Wars Battlefront combines this epic action on a galactic scale with stunning visual recreations of some of the most iconic planets, weapons, characters, and vehicles in the Star Wars universe and the original sound effects from the films, to give you the ultimate immersive interactive Star Wars experience you’ve been looking for.


Pre-order Star Wars™ Battlefront™ and on December 1st, 2015, be among the first players to experience the Battle of Jakku*, the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet in the Outer Rim. Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™. Players who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront can fight the battle one week early. All other players will get access to this content on December 8th, 2015.


Help Success Kid’s Dad In His Time Of Need

You know this kid we all do it’s Success Kid and his dad needs your help!

“Justin is a 39 year old father of one (Success Kid) in need of a kidney transplant. Please help us reach our goal so that Justin may get the pre-treatments and transplant he desperately needs. His mother died from this disease, please help us write a different story for Justin and his son, Sam. 

Thank you for your consideration and for any help you can provide to help our family reach this goal.”

Well we think you all rock and Success Kid’s fans have raised over $90k in 7 days to help!





ED: Win An Nvidia Titan Black 2 golden tickets found!

Well the Elite Dangerous: Win An Nvidia Titan Black competition is over folks.. nothingtoseehere on Reddit had posted an image and let the world know he found the  “Prototype Nvidia Titan Black Tech” for the   he also posted “Hey, I only have one friend to plays elite. 3 prizes are left to grab.” and I know he was then swamped with offers to sell the information. So by the time you read this I’ll guess that all are gone. It was a nice idea for the competition but letting 1 guy and all his buddy’s or people who offer the right price win all 5 was a oversight. Random spawns of one might have made this competition last longer. What do you think?


Elite Dangerous: Win An Nvidia Titan Black!

So you think you got what it takes as a pilot in space? Think you can get past the blockade at the drop off point? What will you do to get your hands on on 1 of 5 Nvidia GTX Titan Black graphics cards.

From Frontier Developments

When we visit an event like EGX or PAX we get thousands of visitors playing Elite: Dangerous and we want the game to be running at its best.

We’ve always insisted on demoing with Nvidia GTX Titan Black graphics cards because they’ll happily run Elite: Dangerous maxed out at 4K all day long, so it made sense to work with Nvidia to offer you the chance to build a Titan rig of your own.


So starting at 5PM GMT today, you’ll find Nvidia GeForce Titan Black Prototypes in stock at one mystery starport in Elite: Dangerous’ galaxy.

The Titan Blacks are a rare good available in unlimited supply, and the first five players to retrieve and sell a canister of the Titan Black prototypes at Godel Ring in the Ededleen system will be rewarded with a real Titan Black, with an RRP of £899.

Crucially, the entire objective, from collection to sale of the canisters MUST happen in Open Play. That means the collection must be made in Open Play, the journey to Godel Ring must be made in Open Play, and the sale must be made in Open Play.

Remember: you don’t have to BUY the canister, only retrieve and SELL the canister. And so the question is: will you go hunting across the galaxy for the one starport selling Titan Blacks? Or will you blockade Godel Ring and lie in wait?

If you make a successful delivery, email with your Commander name in the subject line along with the words ‘I sold an Nvidia Titan Black’. The winners will be judged based on the order when the Titan Black Prototypes were sold at Godel Ring, not when the emails were received.

For full details and to discuss the event, visit our forums.

And if you’re making the run, why not capture the entire thing? We’d love to see videos. We expect the competition will move fast. Happy hunting, Commanders.


Good hunting!

Dumb thing to do in Elite Dangerous….

What not to do when you see a capital ship in Elite Danderous… Nice one Jim2D!

An Epic Elite and Dangerous Adventure

Every so often in a gamer’s life you come across a game that not only changes the way you game but how you look at all games.


Elite Dangerous is one of those games for me. I’m an old Si-Fi Space combat sim fan going right back to the original X-Wing days. I even have an original Tie-Fighter game poster and a photo of my wife hugging me in a Boba Fett outfit at the Tie Fighter release in 1994.


So I jumped at the chance to dust off my old joystick for the first time since Star Wars Jump to Light Speed (an add-on to Star Wars Galaxies) in 2004 and Starlancer before that in 2000. 10 years later and my Logitech Sidewinder (joystick) still worked a treat! I did miss my old Saitek Cyborg 3D but it died years ago having got me through X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, FreeSpace 1, and 2, and Starlancer. So as you can tell I have spent lots of time in one space combat sim or another over the years and by God did I miss it! I got to see the odd clip or two of Elite Dangerous over the last year but for some reason I didn’t take it seriously. I read at one time that it was an MMO and I looked for info about subscription cost but didn’t find anything and for some reason all the Google searches I did on the game linked to German sites – even the official link I found was this. So without digging too deep I pushed it off as somthing that looked cool but might be vapourware or if it was a German game might not be English friendly. I remember thinking why is this not in English! I want it!!

Then just after christmas last year I got this message from an old friend, Josh “heya john. if you haven’t bought elite dangerous yet, you really should. Amazing game. Best space flight sim yet, easily.” Josh is an old mate that ran a Star Wars gaming site with me back in 98. We have done lots of gaming together and he was one of the best writers that PC Gamer Australia ever had. He wrote an excellent review of X-Wing Alliance that I will never forget! So if he was loving it, I had nothing to lose!

I was happy to see it was a once-of cost with no subscription fee. The first thing I did was all the training missions and if the training missions where 1/2 as good as the real game, boy was I in for a good time!HighResScreenShot_2015-03-11_12-25-31

All I wanted to do in game was shoot things. So off I went in my Sidewinder. It was not long before I found the Bulletin Board and found a quick way to make lots of cash. 100k+ for killing one guy! I’m in – so off I go in my Sidewinder. I eventually worked out the unidentified signal sources would be where I’d find my target. Jumping into one signal source gave me a clue that pointed me to a nearby system where my evil target was preying on innocent traders. With a short jump I was there looking for more unidentified signal sources (USS) and after investigating two or three of them I found my target. The ship looked kind of big. It was called an Anakonda. but as this was a mission I was able to accept I had no doubt that this guy would go down without too much of a fight. I got in close and opened fire. Next thing I knew I was spinning out of control, my canopy was blown and I was running out of air. Ok, so this guy was a lot tougher than I ever expected. I made haste for the nearest space station. I only had five minutes to get there. By the time I around the sun at a crazy slow speed and got to the space station, I was down to less than a minute. I requested docking and promptly received the message: Docking Request Denied. What! Again, I requested docking and got the same message. I noticed there was another little ship docking at the station and realised he was taking up the one spot available for me. I had to wait for him. Thirty seconds to go… At the 25 second mark the station finally allowed me to dock. I rushed in and tried to dock and got alert telling me that my landing gear was not down. Crap! 10 seconds to go. I put my landing gear down, got to that little dot in the centre of the landing pad just in time for my ship to … blow up!


Then and there is where I realised why this game was called Elite DANGEROUS. More than 50% of my credits were spent on recovering my ship with a couple of minor upgrades I had equipped to my ship. At this stage I seemed to be going backwards in credits. So off I went to Reddit and other Elite Dangerous sources for some ideas on how to survive in this crazy universe. I son discovered there were lots of areas like Nav points next to suns and resource collection areas in the rings of gas giants that had lots of little ships flying around that were bad boys, allowing me to kill one after the other wanted targets. I worked my way up to an Eagle and then on to a Cobra. I decided to skip the Viper, as I was making a steady flow of credits in my Eagle and having fun at the same time.

Moving up to the Cobra only increased my expenses and I soon discovered that I had to find a better way to make cash if I wanted to take on the big boys like Anacondas. By the time I’d fully decked out my Cobra I had lost 7 or 8 ships. It was getting expensive. But I was persistent to say the least. I was going to work out how to destroy one of these ships I vowed. I managed to sneak in a couple of kills when the NPC ships had done most of the hard work for me, giving me a nice boost to my cash income. It was then I discovered that I wanted to go do some exploring but from everything I’d read, the Asp was the best exploring ship, although some might debate that.


After a couple of weeks of bounty hunting in my Cobra I was finally able to purchase an Asp and things about to get a bit easier. I was so excited when I first took off with the Asp that I was in a bit of a hurry to get out of the station. I hit my boosters, lost control of the ship and slammed into the letterbox opening in the starport, blowing up my ship – literally seconds after purchasing it! I was now in the situation where I didn’t have enough credits to cover the insurance, so if I died again I would loose the Asp I had worked long and hard to get. So for the next day or so I was a real wimp when I picked targets. I wasn’t going to get near anything bigger than my Asp and as soon as anything looked like it might be hurting my shields, I flew away, like a little kid running away from a bully.


It didn’t take me too long to get my Asp upgraded and get stuck into some exploring. This is where the game really showed me how big it was. I spent days at a time flying from one system to another, trying to get a lay of the “land”, trying to figure out where I wanted to make my home. At first I thought I wanted to join the Alliance. being a Star Wars fan with a Rebel logo tattoo on my arm it seemed the logical choice. I was disappointed to find that apart from getting friendly with the Alliance. So I then decided to head into Empire territory. These guys had a bad streak. They believe in slavery, dictatorships and a no bull-crap type of approach to leadership. Even though the exploring was providing some amazing scenery it wasn’t really paying the bills. So I decided to try my luck as a merchant.


I picked up a type six and started transporting goods from one station to the other and back again. This wasn’t the most exciting type of game play but it was a great way to get all the upgrades I wanted for my combat ship. To entertain myself during these repetitive, backwards and forwards convoy missions, I started listening to audio books, including Elite: Escape Velocity published on Lave Radio. I then moved on to a series of audio books I have in MP3 format by an author called Pierce Anthony – the Xanth series. In the last month I listened to four complete books whilst trading and exploring. I found a nice balance where I’d do a couple of days of trading, then I might go out for a week exploring a couple of thousand lightyears, trying to build a name as the first discoverer of as many systems as possible. I am now in a type 9 and have a fully decked out Vulture. This new ship, introduced in the last patch, has made combat a lot more fun. I actually sold my asp to pay fo my type 9 but in only a couple of days I have worked up the credits to buy my fully decked out Asp back.


I’ve had a very rounded experience with the game, exploring all aspects, including PvP, combat zones, trading, and exploring, and yet I have only scraped the surface in what this game has to offer. If you are at all interested in space, exploring, and think you might enjoy flying around in a space ship, you MUST give Elite Dangerous a try. It is one of the best space combat sims I have ever experienced. The only thing lacking is the fact that you have to create your own story. There are some story elements in the gameplay but it’s not fed to you like we’re all used to in most games. You create your own background, your own adventures. The biggest limiting factor in this game is the player’s imagination.


World of Warcraft: the Massively Multiplayer Solo Game

A few months ago I decided to give World of Warcraft another go. In the past I had spent years playing WoW but gave it up when I started playing Star Wars the Old Republic.



I had no intention of playing Wow Myths of Pandaria; it had nothing I wanted in a game but right at the end of Myths, Blizzard gave it away for free so I went back to give it a go. From what I read the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor looked interesting. So I leveled my Hunter JohnnyG, then leveled a Monk Draenei and got my old name back, Jeanos! Leveling the monk in tank spec was fast and fun!

Then the Expansion hit. By that time I had rebuilt my old guild, Entity, and had lots of the old players back in the guild and also hundreds of new players. It was looking good and we were all excited to get back into raiding together. It didn’t take long and we had a raid team ready to go – tanks, healers and DPS ,all at lvl 100.


The first weeks were fun. We all worked together learning the fights and our voice server was full. We had over 100 members on most nights … but then … the feature, looking for raid, and raid finder, were coxing hardcore raiders with promises of getting gear quick. As the weeks went by we lost geared raiders and had to bring in new un-geared raiders. This went on for weeks and got to the stage where most of the guild raiders were using the looking for raid tools to get boss kills each week instead of raiding with the guild. To run a large guild you need an active team of officers and that has its ups and downs. If you are lucky you will get a good officer that knows his or her class and is an unreal raider but a lot of the time the social people that make good officers are not elite raiders and the elite raiders can be a bit up themselves and rub people the wrong way.

In introducing the pug system for raids Blizzard has all but killed the raiding guild. The more I look at it, with all the perks for guilds gone and the ease of getting into a raid with unknown people at any time of the day has all but killed the social raiding guild. Knowing what I know now I don’t think I would have rebuilt my old guild. We still have a lot of people in the guild, all doing their own thing, not really getting anything from the guild. I am not a fan of the pug raiding. I joined raids via pug and they’d be listed as full clears of the specific raid but I’d only to find all they wanted was a boss down, that some of the group’s DPS didn’t have the gear for or talent to do. Then I’d to get told that all they want to do is farm trash. By the 3rd time in one week killing the same boss (only getting a chance for loot the first time) I lost heart in the game. Even when I got in to a good group and was topping the damage meters, to see how the raid leaders treated random people was outright rude.

So as far as the actual expansion is concerned, I did like the story line at first but having to ride around on a slow ground mount when I have about 100 flying mounts is annoying. I get that Blizzard wanted to make it harder but all it did was make it slower and I didn’t find it fun. The new garrisons where a good idea but I found myself logging in only to click things to make gold or have a chance at a cool item once a week. WoW for me was about getting out in the world hunting and exploring and it had changed into a mobile app style game that had you mindlessly clicking on things for a lucky random roll at loot. So I find myself not enjoying it at all and with the nerf guilds got with the loss of perks and the lack of need to work as a guild to see end game content, even the social draw card is gone. If I wanted to play with L337  punks I’d go out an get a console and try and play online. The damage done by the pug feature, and other game changes to the guild and raiding structure, is final nail in the coffin. Now don’t get me wrong, WoW can be fun for a short time, but I watched lots of people get gear real fast, then even the elite raiders stopped logging in. Thanks for a fun time Blizzard, sorry it was so short.


Dota Tickets to The International!

Hot in from the Blog Dota 2  tickets to The International, go on sale tomorrow online here  Tickets will be sold in two equal waves. The first wave will be sold at 10:00am PDT, and the last wave will be sold at 10:00pm PDT. Use this time zone converter if you are unsure when tickets will be sold in your time zone. You are still limited to a total of 5 tickets per household across both waves.

Dota 2 returns to KeyArena in Seattle this summer from August 3rd through August 8th.

All tickets will be general admission, which will cost $99 and give you access to all six days of the main event, where the top 16 teams in the world will compete for the Aegis of Champions.


Dota are not directly selling VIP tickets this year, but stay tuned for details on the VIP experience.

Tickets will be made available through Ticketmaster at two separate times next Friday, March 27th.

The first batch of tickets will be sold at 10:00am PDT, and the last batch will be sold at 10:00pm PDT. Read on here

Exclusive interview with Bruce Dell from Euclideon

Bruce Dell is the brain behind Euclideon, the Australian start-up that has been in and out of the news for many years now with updates on their Unlimited Detail technology, a technology which uses a point search algorithm to produce stunning computer graphics at a fraction of the system resource cost of the current polygon system that is hegemonic to computing worldwide. It’s revolutionary stuff, although critics say it’s only potentially revolutionary and really harsh critics even say it’s a hoax! Most recently, the company released a video titled Euclideon SOLIDSCAN – Capture Reality. The video shows footage of the real world scanned using their SOLIDSCAN technology and then reproduced. It’s enticing to think what game developers, building construction and other industries can do with this technology. But not everyone’s convinced and there is a pattern to the questions and comments being posted on YouTube, social media and forums. So, Bruce Dell has kindly agreed to answer some of those common questions …


Johnny Gatt: Hi Bruce thanks for joining us. Can you tell us a bit about Euclideon?

Bruce Dell: Sure, thanks for having me, Euclideon is an Australian company that is trying to rebuild every part of 3D graphics in a better way. Most graphics we use in the world today are made of polygons, which are like little flat pieces of cardboard. This system is very limited and it’s not very good at doing certain tasks. We are making 3D graphics out of little xyz atoms instead, this allows us to make graphics that are much better and a lot more like the real world.


Euclideon Makes World’s Most Realistic Graphic

EuclideonCan you imagine games that have lifelike, real time graphics ? This new video from #Euclideon gives a teaser that maybe it’s closer than you think.

Three years ago I got to see this technology first hand when Euclideon released a video showing off an island created using scans of trees, rocks trees, leaves, etc. I personally got the opportunity to fly around this amazing 3D island that was running with next to no memory or CPU usage. That was 3 years ago and now Euclideon has proven themselves in the geo space industry with several contracts, mapping all sorts of stuff. See the video on Geoverse for more information on that.

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