New Space shooter on kickstarter! A Multiplayer space warfare from the minds behind X-Wing, Crysis and Desert Combat.

The Starfighter Team


We love space shooters.

We all played the hell out of X-Wing, Wing Commander, and that entire generation of amazing space combat games. That’s why we’re so excited to be creating the next game in that rich lineage: STARFIGHTER INC., a hardcore team-based PvP multiplayer space shooter in the vein of X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter.

We want to recapture the intensity and excitement of those games and provide a fresh experience via modern graphics, new gameplay, and awesome gear derived from the science of today and tomorrow.

Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure.

– The Starfighter Team


I am a massive Star Wars fan and even have the Rebel logo tattooed on my right arm and even have two children named after influential female Star Wars characters from the expanded universe! Over the last few years I have played several different MMOs trying to fill the void that was created by my first experience with a Star Wars MMO world in Sony’s Star Wars Galaxies. I was told about SWTOR 2003 at E3 by a Lucasfilm representative who had intervened in a conversation about the issues that Sony was having with the Star Wars franchise. So to say that I had been waiting for STWOR for a while is an understatement! Playing SWTOR and Elite Dangerous most of the time with the odd FPS to mix it up.

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